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A Magyar Nemzeti Galéria Docent Program


Docent Programme - Volunteer guide programme

The volunteer guides of the Docent Programme offer individual visitors free guided tours in English in the exhibition Masterpieces from the Museum of Fine Arts (MFAB Masterpieces) on view at the Hungarian National Gallery (HNG), furthermore, in the gothic art and in the 19th-century art collection of the  Gallery (HNG Gothic Art, HNG 19th-century art).

The word docent is derived from the Latin „docere” meaning to lead. Originally used to denote a professor or university lecturer, the term has expanded to include the volunteer guides who staff many museums and other educational institutions. Docents introduce guests to the Museum collections by providing free tours throughout the galleries and help visitors gain a deeper understanding of the art on display. In addition to their function as guides, docents also often conduct research using the institution's facilities or provide administrative support for the Docent Programme. Prospective Docents undergo intensive training by the Museum that focuses on interpretive and communication skills so they may better introduce the Museum’s collections to visitors.

SPRING 2017“I like art!” Do you? Why do you like it? When did you realize you were an art lover? Do you have a favourite artist, artwork, or period in art history? What is the source of your inspiration? So many people, so many opinions. Our lecturers also have their own responses. Would you like to hear them? If so, you are welcome to our six-week lecture series.
Enthusiasm is contagious! Those who are passionate about what they like impact everyone around them. Excitement, intensity and ardour are conditions that light up our lives. The Spring 2017 season will benefit from the energy of those who are in close, professional contact with art. The lecturers will talk about their choices with unbridled enthusiasm. Through detailed examinations, essential features and meanings will be unravelled.

Everyone is welcome – the lectures are open to all. You may attend any of the Art Lectures for HUF 2,500 per lecture and the Bible Illuminates Art for HUF 1,800 per lecture. All are welcome. Advance registration is not required – come when you can! Just buy a ticket at the lobby of the main building cashier right before the lecture. Please ask for a “Docent Art Lecture Ticket”. Please note that the lecture is in another building.
You do not need to pay for entry to the Museum in addition. After the lecture, please feel free to use this ticket to enjoy all the galleries in the permanent collection.
LocationHungarian National Gallery, Building B, Ground Floor
ContactDocent Programme, Museum Education Department
Telephone: +361 469-7180
E-mail: docent@mfab.hu
ART LECTURE SERIESMy Favourite…A Subjective Journey into the ArtTuesdays 10.15 – 12.00
14 March to 25 April 2017
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DOCENT PROGRAMME a Magyar Nemzeti Galériában
2017. tavaszi szemeszter
A 2017-es tavaszi szemeszterben két előadássorozatot indítunk.
A My Favourite… Subjective Journey into the Art című művészettörténeti előadássorozat keretében a Magyar Nemzeti Galéria tudományos dolgozói és múzeumpedagógusai a számukra legkedvesebb művészeti alkotásokról fognak részletesen beszélni.

Mindenkit szeretettel várunk, előzetes regisztrációra nincs szükség.

A művészettörténeti előadások ára 2.500,- Ft; a bibliai tárgyú előadás 1.800,- Ft alkalmanként. Az előadásokra szóló jegyet a múzeum pénztárában vásárolhatják meg. Az előadásokat a B épületben tartjuk, kérem, vegyék figyelembe, hogy néhány percre szükség van az ide történő eljutáshoz. A tájékozódásban kérjék az információs pultban dolgozó kollégák segítségét.

Ha felkeltette az érdeklődését a program, vagy szeretne többet megtudni az előadásokról, látogasson el az angol nyelvű honlapunkra: Docent Programme vagy jöjjön el március 7-én a 11.00 órakor kezdődő nyílt napunkra.
További információ a docent@szepmuveszeti.hu e-mail címen kapható.