2016. május 15., vasárnap

Julie de Bastion's exhibition in the Andrassy Hotel


  JULIE de BASTION's exhibition in the

Mamaison Hotel Andrassy Budapest Gallery

1063 Budapest, Andrassy ut 111.

Open 2016. May 13.- és 2016. June 16. 

                                  Julie de Bastion


WAH Brooklyn USA “Paper Unbound”                                2014/15

MOMa PSI New York   Artists Books                                  2013

Center for Book Arts NYC USA                                          2013

Fosse Gallery Stow on The Wold ,Glos                               2011/15
Birmingham Royal Ballet Residencey, by invitation             2010
“ Novel Ideas” Warwick art Gallery and Museum                2010
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery   U.K                       2010
Berlin Stadtmuseum “ FALL OF THE WALL “ Germany        2009
Galerie Meisterschueler   Berlin                                       2007  
Leamington Art Gallery and Museum   U.K                       2005
Owen Taylor Art              Warwick      U.K                        2003
Galerie Horizon               Paris                                        1995
Derby Museum and Art Gallery           U.K                       1996
Herbert Art Gallery and Museum         U.K                       1992
Brattleboro Museum and Art Gallery    U.S.A                    1983
Brooklyn Museum and Art Gallery       U.S.A                    1982

“My colours and forms are drawn from Nature as a starting point, I use oils, pastels and monoprinting techniques.
I usually draw in colour with pastels and use spatulas or my fingers to
work in oils or printing inks.
It is an emotive experience to create a visual and believable space where I can enter into and move around, as a dancer would move to music. Colours
take form and resolve themselves  into places where there are distant horizons and pathways, filled with  memories and longings.
I try to create something which continues to generate light and space, and contains  the energy and the unity of the creative force of Nature “

                   Julie de Bastion

Julie comes from an European background, rich in folklore, myth, fairytales and dance.
The artist grew up in Britain, then relocated to New York in the 1970’s to study art.
She returned to the UK in the 1990’s and continued her work as a visual artist. She also creates hand made books with her poetry, texts, and illustrated stories.
The work begins in drawing and develops with pastels, crayons, inks, oil paint and monoprints.

“It is as if I see our transience and fragility echoed in the illusiveness of the ineffable. It is something which remains hidden and forever escapes our perception.
The pathways are those on which we never arrive;
The horizon is beyond where we will never see.
These are daydreams of infinity”

Julie de Bastion’s work is widely appreciated for it’s vivid expressiveness and fluidity of movement, akin to “Dancing in colours”.
Her response to the landscape is emotive and stems from the Romantic, and Abstract Expressionist movement.
Painting  the “ spirit of the place” rather than its representational appearance, her work has been described as possessing  “a mythic eeriness”. Wide vistas embrace sky and earth in elusive horizons.
The paintings are best viewed from a little distance to “see what she sees” as if through a slightly dreamy and hazy vision, with imagination being the key.
“These are neither abstracts, nor landscapes; if something intangible has arrived with the materialisation of paint, which illuminates an etheric, energetic quality of light, space,  beyond the surface, then the work has succeeded”.
Her paintings have been exhibited internationally and purchased for private and public art collections.


“Precious Decay “    A Montage of Illustrated Poetry”

Artists book by Julie de Bastion      2013
Five copies made by hand. Hardcover, hand bound silk,and wallpaper. 175 gsm cotton rag paper, collage, Sanwa  5gsm handmade paper, monoprints, drawings, upholstery fabrics, ribbons, buttons, wallpaper and birch tree bark.
10 inches wide by 11.25 inches high by 0.75 inches thick.

“Precious Decay“  :  A Montage of Illustrated Poetry

This handmade book by Julie de Bastion has utilised upholstery fabrics swatches, poetry, monoprints,
drawings and collages, to form a self portrait
montage of personal experience. The contents are random collections from the refuse of an introspective life.
Occasional inspirations, poetry, unfinished beginnings, fragments, insights, phrases, lone titles, captions and memories, are conjoined in unexpected synergies,
evoking transient and fleeting glimpses into events.
The fabric swatches conceal hidden words and represent
a psychological transference into pattern and texture
of unmanageable impulses and emotions from childhood experiences.



Here is a few examples in the exhibition.