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"Into the light" paintings by Julie de Bastion


Újlipótvárosi Klub-Galéria

Julie de Bastion | Paintings | Hand Made Books | Illustrations | Teaching

You are invited to an exhibition of paintings by
Julie de Bastion Ujlipótvárosi Klub-Galéria Budapest

17 th June- 17th August 2015
Opening Prewiew Reception 17th June 5 pm-9pm
Piano music by Richard de Bastion
Tátra u.20/b 
1136 Budapest Hungary  
Information: Roboz Beáta curator
open weekdays from July 10-16  
Julie comes from a musical Eastern European background, rich in folklore, myth, fairytales and dance. The artist grew up in Britain, then relocated to New York in the 1970's to study art. She returned to the UK in the 1990's and continued her work as a visual artist. She also creates hand made books with her poetry, text, and illustrated stories. The work begins in drawing and develops with pastels, crayons, inks, oil paints and monoprints.
"It is as if I see transience and fragility echoed in the illusive and the ineffable. It is something which remains hidden and forever escapes our perception. The pathways are those on which we never arrive. The horizon is beyond where we will never see. These are the daydreams of infinity"

 Julie de Bastion Artworks.
Julie de Bastion is an artist, maker of artist books, storyteller and art educator. Her art work is driven by her love of myths and fairy tales. Julie's books and artworks are in several private collections including the New York Book Fair at PS1 MOMA (New York, NY), the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center (Brooklyn, NY), the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Trust (Stratford upon Avon, UK) and the Stadtmuseum National Gallery (Berlin, Germany).
Ms. de Bastion is also represented by The Center for Book Arts in New York City.

In 2011 Julie was invited by Sir David Bintley, Director of the Royal Ballet Birmingham, to be artist in residence to draw the dancers. This series of work is now available as high quality reproductions.

Julie de Bastion

Julie de Bastion

Julie de Bastion is a visionary artist,maker, writer and educator who has developed her practice over for decades.
An original thinker, she shares her skills, ideas and inspiration so that all may benefit from living a creative life.
She facilitates and initiates high quality, professional art workshops for children and adults.

Paintings by Julie de Bastion

Lyrical poetic abstractions in compositional
Julie’s works are renown for their quality
and immediacy of emotive responses to
light and space, expressed through the
richness of gestural colour.
 These small intense homages to visual
beauty create a window through which we
 are invited to glimpse a world where
fleeting and transient moments in light
are captured in vital potency.
Her works have been purchased by private
art collectors, including the Stadtmuseum
Art Gallery and Museum, Berlin

Web site: Julie.debastion.com
Email :   juliedebastion@gmail.com

Julie de Bastion was born in Stratford upon Avon in 1948 of Hungarian parentage.
She studied at the Central School of Art London. In 1973 she relocated to the
United States, where she obtained a First Class Hons. degree /summa cum laude/ in
painting and printmaking at the F.I.T in New York City and the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn in 1983.
In 1984, she was one of the first to win a scholarship to Johnson Studio School
now the Johnson Centre in Vermont.
In 1989 she returned to the UK.and continues to work as an artist and educator. Her work has been shown internationally and throughout the UK.

Williamsburg Art/Historical Museum Brooklyn NY Book Arts         2014/15
Center for Book Arts NYC USA                                                         2013/14
MOMa PSI New York City Book Arts Exhibition                              2013
The Fosse Galery, Stow ont the Wold Glos.                                        2011
Birmingham Royal Ballet, Artist in Residence /by invitation/            2010
Warwick Museum and Art Gallery „Novel Ideas Book Arts              2010
Herbert Read Art Gallery, Coventy Open                                           2010
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Open                                       2010

Berlin Stadtmuseum „FALL OF THE WALL” 2009 Ephraim P.        2009
Gallery Meisterschueler Berlin                                                            2007
Torquil Gallery, West Midlands                                                           2006/7/8
Arts and Business, Ernst and Young Birmingham                               2006/9
Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum                                          2005
Owen Taylor Art, Warwick                                                                 2003/6
Gallery Horison, Paris                                                                         1995/6
Derby Museum and Art Gallery Open                                                1996
Herbert Read Art Gallery, Coventra Open                                          1992
Brattleborough Museum and Art Gallery USA Award Exhibition      1983
Brooklyn Museum and Art Gallery USA                                            1982

Museum Collections and Acquisitions
Stadtmuseum, Berlin Germany „East Berlin” series
                        Purchased for permanent collection 2006
The Shakespeare Trust Stratford upon Avon UK
                       „Catching Dreamtales „
                         Limited edition, hand made Artists book 2006
Queen Elisabeth Hospital Birmingham UK Leukaemia Centre
                         Large scale mural
                          „Healing and Hope” 2006