2014. szeptember 2., kedd

Docent Programme in the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest


OPEN HOUSE – Tuesday 30 September 2014, 11.00 – 13.00 Join us for a docent-led tour in the permanent collection, then enjoy refreshments while we introduce you to this unique programme. Meet some of the docents and find out what special benefits they enjoy. No entry ticket is required to attend the Open House. Meet in the lobby from 10.45 a.m.

My Favourite Artworks in the Museum of Fine Arts
Tuesdays 10.15 – 12.00
7 October
2 December 2014

Hidden Treasures
Thursdays 10.15 12.15
2 October 13 November 2014

The volunteer guides of the Docent Programme offer individual visitors free guided tours in English and in Hungarian in the Old Masters’ collection.  Please note: An admission fee is charged to all visitors.  Groups of more than two visitors seeking a guided tour must contact the Museum Education Department for rates and availability.  Click here for more details »
All dates, times and themes are subject to change.
The word docent is derived from the Latin „docere” meaning to lead. Originally used to denote a professor or university lecturer, the term has expanded to include the volunteer guides who staff many museums and other educational institutions. Docents introduce guests to the Museum collections by providing free tours throughout the galleries and help visitors gain a deeper understanding of the art on display. In addition to their function as guides, docents also often conduct research using the institution's facilities or provide administrative support for the Docent Programme.

Prospective Docents undergo intensive training by the Museum that focuses on interpretive and communication skills so they may better introduce the Museum’s collections to visitors. The Autumn 2014 training season consists of two components: the Docent Training Workshop and a two-part lecture series.

Since all of these classes are in English, it is essential that prospective Docents have a fluent grasp of the English language, although it is not necessary to be a native speaker.

The Docent Training Workshop focuses on the practical aspects of docenting – largely presentation and interpretive skills. This Training Workshop is a series of required classes, open only to prospective docents. These classes meet on Tuesdays, after the Art Studies lectures, from 13.00 to 14.30.

The Art Studies Lecture Series in Autumn 2014 consists of two main parts: a course on some of our favourite art pieces in the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, and an additional thematic lecture series that examines the connection between the rich symbolism of the Bible and art. These lectures are open to the public – all are welcome!

The fee to train as a docent is HUF 50,000 which includes the Training Workshop classes and materials, as well as both lecture series. A detailed description of each series follows below. If you are interested in applying as a Docent-in-Training, please contact the Docent Programme of the Museum Education Department at docent@mfab.hu
If you wish to attend the lectures but not become a docent, you may attend any of the Art  Lectures for HUF 2,500 per lecture and the Bible Illuminates Art for HUF 1,800 per lecture. All are welcome. Advance registration is not required - come when you can!