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 Tuesday 25 September 2012 11.00 - 13.00
1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 41.
Join us for a docent-led tour in the permanent collection, then enjoy refreshments while we introduce you to this unique programme. Meet some of the docents and find out what special benefits they enjoy. No entry ticket is required to attend the Open House. Meet in the lobby from 10.45 a.m.
More information at http://www.szepmuveszeti.hu/web/guest/szepmuhely/docent

The docents of the Museum of Fine Arts offer individual visitors free guided tours in English in the Collection of Old Master Paintings from Tuesday to Friday at 11:00 and 14:00, and on Saturdays at 11:00. During the summer months Highlights Tours are offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 13.00. Docents also offer free guided tours in Hungarian on Fridays at 14.00, and on Saturdays and Sundays at 11.00.

The word docent is derived from the Latin „docere” meaning to lead. Originally used to denote a professor or university lecturer, the term has expanded to include the volunteer guides who staff many museums and other educational institutions. Docents introduce guests to the Museum collections by providing free tours throughout the galleries and help visitors gain a deeper understanding of the art on display. In addition to their function as guides, docents also often conduct research using the institution's facilities or provide administrative support for the Docent Programme. 
 Prospective Docents undergo intensive training by the Museum that focuses on interpretive and communication skills so they may better introduce the Museum’s collections to visitors. The Autumn 2012 training season consists of two components: the Docent Training Workshop and a two-part lecture series.

Since all of these classes are in English, it is essential that prospective Docents have a fluent grasp of the English language, although it is not necessary to be a native speaker.

The Docent Training Workshop focuses on the practical aspects of docenting – largely presentation and interpretive skills. This Training Workshop is a series of required classes, open only to prospective docents. These classes meet on Tuesdays, after the Art Studies lectures, from 13.00 to 14.30.

The Art Studies Lecture Series in Autumn 2012 consists of two main parts:
a course on Renaissance
b art led by Museum professionals that focuses on the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest’s permanent collections, and an additional thematic lecture series that examines the connection between the rich symbolism of the Bible and art. These lectures are open to the public – all are welcome!
The fee to train as a docent is HUF 50,000 which includes the Training Workshop classes and materials, as well as both lecture series. A detailed description of each series follows below. If you are interested in applying as a Docent-in-Training, please contact the Docent Programme of the Museum Education Department at docent@mfab.hu

If you wish to attend the lectures but not become a docent, you may attend any of the Art Lectures for HUF 2,500 per lecture and the Bible Illuminates Art for HUF 1,800 per lecture. All are welcome. Advance registration is not required - come when you can!

OPEN HOUSE – TUESDAY 25 SEPTEMBER 2012, 11.00 – 13.00

The Beauty of Body and Mind: Renaissance Art in the Museum of Fine Arts

When the transcendent content of medieval art gradually lost its power, new artistic aspirations emerged to echo the call of a new era. Man’s relationship with himself and with the world had gone through significant changes in Europe over the course of the fifteeenth and sixteenth centuries, a period associated with the Renaissance. The assertion of the individual and his taste for earthly goods went hand in hand with a love of beauty. The arts were reborn under the influence of classical models, and science and art joined together to produce works of greater naturalism. As the scientific rules of perspective and anatomy influenced the new artistic vision, this season will help to bring rationality in our vision of art. The new system of values, placing mankind at its centre, will be the focus of our nine-week lecture series.

Raphael (Urbino 1483 – 1520 Rome) Portrait of a Youth © Museum of Fine Arts Budapest

Tuesdays 10.15 – 12.00
2 October to 11 December 2012

2 October
That’s the Spirit! – Social and Cultural Considerations
Lecturer: Edina Deme

9 October
Following in Giotto's Revolutionary Footsteps – Trecento in Italy
Lecturer: Ágnes Virág

16 October
The New Ideal of Three-Dimensional Beauty in Quattrocento Italy
Lecturer: Ágnes Virág

23 October
No Lecture

30 October
No Lecture

6 November
The Renaissance Genius – Cinquecento in Florence and Rome
Lecturer: Zsófia Kovács

13 November
Rivalry in Renaissance Venice – Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese
Lecturer: Zsófia Kovács

20 November
The Praise of Folly – The Enchanting World of the Netherlandish Renaissance
Lecturer: Eszter Tóth

27 November
Renaissance Humanism and Pious Devotion – The Eclecticism of Spanish Renaissance Art
Lecturer: Eszter Tóth

4 December
Balancing Between Tradition and Progress – The Renaissance in Germany
Lecturer: Edina Deme

11 December
Deviation from Harmony – Affected Manners or Religious Affection
Lecturer: Zsófia Tettamanti

All dates and times are subject to change.

Everyone is welcome – the lectures are open to all. Attend only a few or the whole series. No need to register in advance. Come when you can!

For guests: HUF 2,500 per lecture. Just buy a ticket at the lobby cashier right before the lecture. Please ask for a “Docent Programme – Renaissance Lecture Ticket”. You do not need to pay for entry to the Museum in addition. After the lecture, please feel free to use this ticket to enjoy all the galleries in the permanent collection. For Docents-in-Training: This series is included in the overall training fee.

Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, Heroes Square
Italian Gallery (1st Floor)
Please check with the Information Desk in the lobby upon arrival for the exact location of the lecture.

Docent Programme, Museum Education Department